Wednesday, 29 November 2017

This is the entry for Harry Scott (age 10) for the Monster Man monster design contest...
Frequency:   Very Rare
No. Appearing:  1
Armour Class:  4
Move:   9”//15”
Hit Dice:  6 + 2
% in Lair:  20%
Treasure Type:  A, D in lair, Q (x 10) in gullet
No. of Attacks:  4
Damage/Attack:  1-4/1-4/3-18/1-3
Special Attacks:  Tail Stun
Special Defences:  Only hit by silver or magical weapons
Magic Resistance:  Standard
Intelligence:  Average
Alignment:  Chaotic Evil
Size:  L
Psionic Ability:  Nil
The Weretiger-shark is a rare lycanthrope found in tropical coastal regions.  They are often worshipped as demi-gods by primitive tribes, sometimes by offering human sacrifices.  Weretiger-sharks are loners, fiercely protective of their territory, and they are only ever encountered at night.
The Weretiger-shark has a deadly claw/claw/bite attack, as well as a special tail-strike attack which can stun an unarmoured opponent (save vs paralysis if hit, or be knocked unconscious for 2-8 rounds).
The bite of a Weretiger-shark can infect a surviving victim with lycanthropy (save vs disease), regardless of the amount of damage inflicted.

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